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Pollination Groups

Pollination Groups


Early flowering       

Beauty of Bath, Egremont Russet, George Cave, Idared, Irish Peach, Lord Lambourne, Rev. W. Wilks,

St. Edmunds Russet.  Triploid variety is Ribston Pippin.


Mid season Flowering           

Arthur Turner, Bountiful, Charles Ross, Cox, Discovery,   Fiesta, Granny Smith, Greensleeves, Grenadier, Katy, Kids Orange Red,

Lanes Prince Albert, Spartan, Sturmer Pippin, Worcester Pearmain, Sunset.  Triploid varieties are  Blenheim Orange, Bramley Seedling, Jupiter.


Mid Season Late Flowering    
Annie Elizabeth, Ashmeads Kernel, Ellison’s Orange, Gala, Golden Delicious, Golden Knoble, Howgate Wonder,
Laxton’s Superb, Lord Derby, Winston, Pixie. Triploid variety is Jonagold.

Late Flowering

American Mother, Newton Wonder. Triploid variety Suntan.


The so-called Triploid varieties present a special problem. Here the varieties are poor pollinators, so two different non-Triploid varieties need to be grown nearby to act as pollinators. These pollinate the Triploid variety and each other.