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Equipment Trainers and Operators


EQUIPMENT USERS                           

The following is a list of persons who have undergone the required training in the operation of all the apple processing equipment and are aware of the safety and training procedures and risk assessments.

 TRAINERS (responsible for training operators)

Peter Crozier                                                                                   Tel      840270

Anne Crozier

Brian Lamb                                                                                                  841309

Richard Peden                                                                                             840696

William Spearing                                                                             0777411 8936

Colin Trier                                                                                        07813 939366



Rob Smith                                                                                                     840315

Lloyd Watts                                                                                                  840476

Margaret & Peter Nicholson                                                                     840032

Paul Wilmott                                                                                                841594

Mary Sergeant                                                                                              840140

Bev Slaughter                                                                                               841660

Peter Wright                                                                                                840020

Jim Harrison                                                                                               614686

Keith Millar                                                                                                  840149

Jim Barnes                                                                                                   841686

Mike Street                                                                                                   841339

Khylen Baldwin                                                                                           860338

Trevor Felcey                                                                                                832216

Kate Crozier                                                                                                  n/a

Mike Broughton                                                                                          854828

Liz Marshall                                                                                                 840382

Jeremy Hyde                                                                                                840397

Neil Harmsworth                                                                                        840108

Darren (Gardener to late Nick Lloyd)

One of the above members must always be present when equipment is being operated.

Brian Lamb and Colin Trier

November 2015