TTAG members Question Time Zoom session
Wednesday 7th of April at 7:30 PM

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About this Zoom Meeting

We are delighted to invite you to an ‘online’ evening Question Time offering expert advise about Apple trees and fruits. The session will be conducted by remote zoom access on Wednesday 7 April at 7:30PM. TTAG have secured the services of three eminent ‘Orchardeers’, all renowned for their respective expertise.

This will be a Question Time type session on the subjects of:

  1. Winter Pruning
  2. Grafting
  3. Cider Making

The panel will consist of

  • Peter Crozier, Chairman
  • Charles Standiland, winter pruning
  • Tattwa Gyani, grafting
  • Anne Crozier, making cider

Entry Requirements

Please book your place by emailing your interest along with any questions or requests for advice on these topics by using the Apply Now button or by email to: events@tavyapples.org.uk
Register/ send questions prior to the meeting so that the experts can prepare answers. We will respond to emails by sending a link that will enable you to join the meeting by simply clicking on the link at the appropriate time.

Useful Information

Zoom’s chat box function will also be available in the session for you to type in any questions you have we will aim to answer these during the session. If however we run out of time before all questions have been answered then we will follow up with answers and advice after the session in a group email. Additional information is available on the website: www.tavyapples.org.uk

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