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AGM 2013

Minutes to the AGM of the Tavy and Tamar Apple Group held on November 4th at the Olde Plough. 8.00pm


Present: Brian Lamb [chairman], William Spearing, Bev Slaughter, Richard and Joyce Peden, Peter and Anne Crozier and Robin Musgrave.

Apologies: Lloyd and Pam Watts, Jane Moses, Trish Milne and Kay Lamb

Minutes of the previous AGM on 22nd October 2012 were taken as read and agreed to be correct.


Chairman’s report

Brian thanked the committee for their support during a hectic year with his many commitments. A good maintenance session and BarBQ had been held. Brian expressed thanks for all the hard work in the Apple Fest which achieved a net profit of £657.90. A community pressing day also achieved very good attendance and support. Bev thanked Brian on behalf of the members.

Financial Report

Will presented a summary of accounts which showed total funds of £5057.57, of which £3,398.06 is held in a savings account for major equipment replacement. Income from the hire of equipment was up on the previous year, though bookings for the press were at times difficult to organise.

It was noted that the RHS Affiliation fee included all insurance for the press, etc.

The pruning course had made a small loss but it was noted that the course provided educational support for our members.


Richard reported that the membership now totalled 100 members. Subscriptions were now due for some categories.

Election of Officers

Brian Lamb - Chairman

Bev Slaughter – Vice Chairman

Will Spearing – Treasurer

Membership – Richard Peden

General Secretary – Anne Crozier

Joyce Peden, Adam Smith, Steve Rickhards, Peter Key, Peter Crozier and Tim Peden were all elected to the committee


Bev reminded members that he would be able to include any item of interest in The Pie newsletter.

It was suggested that we prune Jane Harrison’s orchard as thanks for the supply of apples for the pressing gathered in her orchard; William to organise.

Agreed that the jockey wheel on the trailer needs changing.

It was noted that the press was not always left in a clean condition following hire – steps must be taken to ensure this.


Next meeting Monday 16th December to discuss the Wassail to be held on Jan 11th 2014